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Safe, Natural, 85% Ionic Colloidal Silver

Safe, Natural, 85% Ionic Colloidal Silver

Fresh stock supplied in glass bottles & free delivery worldide

If your looking to buy colloidal silver in the UK or anywhere in the world, then your at the right place. Our high quality colloidal silver products are perfect for individuals who understand natural remedy.

Our useful, crystal clear colliodal silver solutions are broad spectrum antimicrobial agents, naturally antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral. We believe our product is second to none and created using our state of the art, purpose built commercial generators.

Every batch is tested and measured for strength & consistency utilising specialist meters to measure the final product. Accuracy and consistency of product strength is important to us as we pride ourselves on the stability of our solutions.

Our state of the art, purpose built equipment ensures our collodial silver is safe, non-toxic and one of the finest quality in the UK. Our SilverCleanse generators produce extremely small nano-sized particles of (0.9999) "pure" elemental silver as wellas trillions of (0.23 nm) silver ions.

We only use 99.99% pure silver in our manufacturing process, ensuring our product is safe and of the highest quality.

One of the main features of SilverCleanse colloidal silver is the extremely high pH level produced in the completed silver solution. Our 20ppm ionic colloidal silver is pH 9 and our 30ppm - 45ppm ionic colloidal silver solution is pH 10.

Remember, most disease can't live and thrive in a high ph alkaline environment, so it's a added benefit to have your colloidal silver in a high ph solution.

We offer fine colloidal silver
 in different strengths ranging from 5 ppm to45 ppm and we also give you the common applicators such as sprays and pipettes as standard with our 500ml & 1000ml glass bottles.

We also sell wholesale 5, 10, 20 litre packs. All our wholesale collidal silver containers are UN approved food grade stackable units and come with a tap top for easy access to your Silver Cleanse colloidal silver.